Loving…Homemade spring rolls (eeek)

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A couple of weeks back I was in the Chinese food store at China Town in Sable Square.  I love looking around the place, but usually feel too intimidated to buy much (mostly because I can’t understand what’s written on the packaging, and something that looks like soy sauce may actually be snake sauce to treat impotence).  In their freezer section (in amongst seafood of various shapes and sizes) I found a pack of clearly labelled spring roll pastry.  Inspired by our recent Master Chef viewing I bought a pack (R30 for 50).

Now, what to do with them?  Where else does one turn in such a situation, other than to Pinterest?  I found a great article by Jaden from Steamy Kitchen that was filled with tips and tricks for making perfect spring rolls.  So we bought some shrimp from Fruit & Veg, and a bag of coleslaw from PnP (it worked really well, cos basically all you want is shredded cabbage and carrot), fried it all together and got rolling.  And it was a success!  They were yummy and crispy on the outside, and tasty and un-soggy on the inside!  I think the shrimp, combined with the oil made them quite rich, but they’d be perfect for a party snack.  I was quite worried about the rolling, but Jaden’s instructions were great.  The pastry was quite elastic and didn’t tear as easily as I thought it would.  For a snack it was quite a lot of admin, but I’d make them again for a special occasion.  Now we need to try sweet ones!



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