Loving…a chunky scarf {DIY}


I love scarves.  Not a winter’s day goes by without me wearing some sort of scarf.  I’ve been wanting to knit a really chunky scarf, but I’ve been put off by the thought of having to buy special large needles, and the fact that it would probably take me quite a while.  Which is why this How to Arm Knit a 30-minute Scarf pin caught my eye.  What did I have to lose, besides some wool and half an hour?

Well, I’m glad to say that it was a success.  I followed this video by Simply Maggie, which demonstrated the whole process really well.  It took me a couple of tries to get the casting-on right, but after that it was smooth (and very quick) sailing.  I did feel a bit ridiculous (the husband had a good chuckle), so I suggest that you make any arm knitting attempts in private.  What do you think of the result?

arm knitted scarf #thingsdeeloves -2arm knitted scarf #thingsdeeloves -4 arm knitted scarf #thingsdeeloves -3


I used two strands to Charity Seriously Chunky (a local acrylic yarn, love the name), and this scarf only used about two thirds of each 150g ball.

arm knitted scarf #thingsdeeloves -5


Are you tempted to try arm knitting?

arm knitted scarf #thingsdeeloves -1

4 thoughts on “Loving…a chunky scarf {DIY}

  1. Looks amazing! Well done!

  2. Definately going to give this a bash – looks divine!

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