A few weeks ago my mom sent me the link to this beautiful website, called Heidi Bears.  And that’s how I fell in love with a hippo.

You’ll know from my previous post that I’ve recently started crocheting, and my first project is an heirloom blanket.  While the blanket is going really well (I’ll post an update soon), it’s definitely a long term project, so I’m dying to do something that will be satisfyingly quick-ish.  So I’m going to crochet a Happypotamus (there’s a sentence I never thought I’d write).

loving happypotamus #thingsdeeloves 1

Isn’t she a beaut?  I don’t really have any particular reason for wanting to crochet a Happypotamus, and at the moment she isn’t intended for anyone in particular.  If you want to crochet your own, firstly, please let me know, and then head over to Ravelry to purchase the pattern.  What got me really excited was the amazing photos of the 310 (and counting) Happypotami (?) who have been made by other people.   Here are some of my favourites:

loving happypotamus #thingsdeeloves

My apologies for not crediting all the pictures, but they can all be found on the pattern project page.

Finally, my hippo is going to need a name.  Any suggestions?  Henrietta?  Hailey?  Honey?

8 thoughts on “Loving…Happypotamus

  1. I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!


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  4. Henrietta. Your german hippo.

  5. Now you have started something! LOL … I may have to go for the whole book deal! Can’t wait!

  6. I have just bought the pattern and I’m hoping to start crocheting my hippo soon. I’m just curious – did you go with the same sized hook (2mm) and 4ply? It’s quite a big hippo – wondering how much bigger it’ll be if I use a slightly bigger hook and the Double Knitting wool I already have at home…

  7. I have made the last hippo on the second line. How lovely to find it here. I used a crochet hook number 2 and catania coton from Schachenmayr SMC. Finished its about 35 cm long, so it’s quite big. But I can confirm it’s a fun project to make. I can’t stop making these funny animals.

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