Loving…an organised desktop

This week I decided it was time to organise my poor desktop.  I do try to keep it reasonably neat and tidy, but over time it always accumulates various useless icons or documents.  As usual, I turned to Pinterest, and I came across a variety of lovely desktops that are designed to keep you organised.  Using these as inspiration, I designed my very own, and here it is:

loving an organised desktop #thingsdeeloves 7

I’m quite happy with the way it came out, and now I have specific areas for the various groups of icons.  I also left some space on the side for my Windows gadgets.  The image was designed to fit my own laptop resolution of 1366×768.  If you’d like to download it to use on your own screen, click on the image below, then right click and select “save image”.

organised desktop by #thingsdeeloves

Disclaimer:  I used some patterns that I’ve had saved on my laptop for a while.  If you are the designer, please contact me so I can credit you!

Here are some of the over desktop images that I found, aren’t they lovely?

loving an organised desktop #thingsdeeloves 6

Via Iheartorganizing.

loving an organised desktop #thingsdeeloves 5

Via The Ney Life.

loving an organised desktop #thingsdeeloves 4

Via Art Geeky.

loving an organised desktop #thingsdeeloves 3

Via Stefan.

loving an organised desktop #thingsdeeloves 2

Via August Empress.

loving an organised desktop #thingsdeeloves 1

Via Painted Vintage.

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Loving…blogging mood boards

I just had to share some of the beautiful mood boards shared by Decor8 last week.  I think mood boards are perfect for any project, be it a birthday party, wedding, or decorating a room, they’re a perfect way to tie together all your ideas and to confirm that they all work together.  It’s also the perfect mix of Pinterest and scrapbooking, pretty much.  I personally haven’t made many mood boards, but I’m so inspired by these ones below.  What’s your favourite mood board, and do you know of any cool online mood board tools?

Head on over to Decor8 to get the links to these amazing blogs, and to check out more gorgeous boards.