Loving…That Little Shop

If you need to plan a party, look no further!  I recently discovered That Little Shop, an online haven of all things party orientated.  Think candles, bunting, table decor, paper straws and washi tape, and everything in between.  I can’t wait for my next excuse to plan a party!

All images via That Little Shop.

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Loving…Franschhoek Wine Tram

Last weekend we joined a couple of friends on a trip on the Franschhoek Wine Tram.  It was the most beautiful autumn day, perfect to spend wondering around some vineyards and tasting some wine!  The tour left from the center of Franschhoek, where we boarded a beautiful open bus that took us to the first few stops.  The tour operates as a hop-on/hop-off system, and the bus/tram arrives every 40 minutes, so you have the freedom to spend a shorter or longer time at different vineyards, or to even skip a stop if you wish.  Each ticket costs R150, which includes the transportation, as well as wine tasting at Dieu Donne and Rickety Bridge, and a glass of wine at Grande Provence.


Map credit:  Franschhoek Wine Tram website.

I have to admit that I enjoyed the latter part of our tour the most, when we got to board the tram and visit Rickety Bridge and Grande Provence.  I suggest that you allocate a whole day for the wine tram experience (we left at 11 and returned at 5:30), and take your time to enjoy the amazing views and delicious wine.   Even if you’re not a huge wine fan, the tram is a fun and unique experience for the whole family.  Kids will enjoy the rides, and there are plenty of places to run around and explore at each of the vineyards.

Visit the Wine Tram website for more info.

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Loving… paper windmills

You must remember making these as a kid?  Paper windmills have recently received a bit of a revival thanks to the wedding industry, but you don’t have to be getting married to enjoy these lovelies.  Here’s a step-by-step of how to make your own.

What you need:

  1. Pretty paper/card (any square piece will do, but I found that scrapbooking card works really well, since it’s already square.  I cut up each page to make four windmills)
  2. Split pins
  3. Straws or sticks
  4. Craft knife and scissors
  5. Ruler

windmills #thingsdeeloves-1

Measure the middle of your square page, and make a small X with your craft knife.

windmills #thingsdeeloves-4

From each of your corners, cut a line toward the middle of the page (about half of the distance between the corner and the cross).

windmills #thingsdeeloves-3

You’ll see that your page now looks like four triangles joined in the middle.  Using your craft knife again, cut a small cross on one of the outer corners of each triangle (make sure you do the same corner for each one).

windmills #thingsdeeloves-5

Take the corner of your first triangle, bend it over towards the center of the page, and push the split pin through the cross.

windmills #thingsdeeloves-7

Take the second tringle, place the corner underneath the first, and push the split pin through the send cross.  Continue until all four triangles are done.

windmills #thingsdeeloves-8windmills #thingsdeeloves-9

Now push the split pin through the cross that you made in the center of the page.

windmills #thingsdeeloves-10windmills #thingsdeeloves-11

Now you can push the pin through the straw, and open it to secure (you may need to make a small incision in the straw first).

windmills #thingsdeeloves-12

That’s it!  You can use the windmills to jazz up the table for your next tea party, or what about make tiny ones as cupcake toppers?  Have fun!

(Disclaimer:  These are “wannabe” windmills that don’t actually turn, and are purely for decorative purposes.  To make turning ones, use thicker card and cut holes for the split pins).

windmills #thingsdeeloves-14 windmills #thingsdeeloves-13