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Loving…Milnerton Market

It’s a beautiful sunny day in Cape Town today (which has made a nice change from the cold winteryness that we’ve been having), so a friend and I took a drive to the Milnerton Market.  I always love having a browse through this market, because you see such an amazing collection of ridiculous things, and often you can find a really good bargain.  I often joke that you can buy everything and the kitchen sink here (literally, today we saw at least two sinks for sale), and it’s crammed full of bric-a-brac.  Today I bought an old wooden Tropicana crate (they had Bashews ones too) which I’ve arranged my cookbooks in (can you spot my Julia Child cookbooks?), and two beautiful old glass bottles to add to the collection in our bathroom.  If you’re at a loose end on a Saturday or Sunday I can highly recommend that you take a wander sometime.