Loving…That Little Shop

If you need to plan a party, look no further!  I recently discovered That Little Shop, an online haven of all things party orientated.  Think candles, bunting, table decor, paper straws and washi tape, and everything in between.  I can’t wait for my next excuse to plan a party!

All images via That Little Shop.

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Loving…Rachelle’s Beautiful Bespoke Cakes

Oh my goodness.  I’m not sure how one can eat something that is so beautiful.  Last night I stumbled across the Rachelle’s website, and I was immediately smitten with the beautiful and delicate baked goods.  They do a range of cakes for weddings and other celebrations, but I was captivated by the intricate detail in the cupcakes and cookies.  If you’re looking for some inspiration for your Valentine’s day baking, look no further! (Sorry SA ladies, Rachelle’s is in the UK).

(All pictures courtesy of the Rachelle’s website).

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Loving…In Good Company

Oh Dear.  It’s been a long time since I’ve visited the In Good Company website, and since then they’ve expanded their range quite considerably.  The website is basically a one-stop shop of gorgeous things, ranging from perfect gifts to items for the home  (I’m lusting after most of their kitchen items, I need that pink kitchen scale in my life), and everything you could possibly want or need to plan a party or wedding.  In Good Company also has a store in Parkhurst (it’s just as well I live on the other side of the country), where you can hire various items for your next function.  As if that’s not enough, you can visit their Download page to download various free printables for your next party (think invitations, place mats, gift tags and cupcake wrappers).  Visit their Facebook page or website, and good luck with all the party planning!

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